Terms of Use

To ensure that Utopia provides a safe and comfortable stay to guests, the following rules need to be followed: Not abiding by these rules may lead to cancellation of stay and/or refusal to use the facilities. Further, if you happen to damage any equipment or fixtures of the house, the Hotel reserves a right to charge you the full cost of the same.

Close all the doors and windows and put out the lights when you leave. 

To prevent fire, refrain from smoking on bed, in non-smoking rooms, and in any other places prone to catch fire.

Do not scream, or create loud noises at the house or outside areas, as it may disturb or annoy other guests staying. 

Utopia does not provide extra cleaning, but we recommend strongly to ask the services of our cleaning staff. 

If you want to invite other persons /friends not included in the reservation, you have to inform and agree this with the management (